Manual on how to make bets on horse racing

Horse racing itself is a very attractive sport. The discipline has caught the interest of many gamesters. Nowadays you can earn just by gambling on your favourite. Here we’ll overview the main aspects to count on.

Bets on horse racing: particularies

Before starting gambling consider that:

  • Many factors influence the results of races: weather, coverage, experience and weight of horse and jockey, height of hurdles and so on.
  • It’s necessary to evaluate the horse’s current form before staking. Most bookmakers offer detailed statistics on all participants in the upcoming races.
  • The event coverage for online betting in some bookmakers is limited. At the racetrack, the line for gambling is usually wider.
  • Often the bookmaker accepts stakes on competitions with high limits, because it is a popular market among gamesters.

The main types of stakes here

Here are the general options to mention:

  1. the winner of the event or the reverse of it – it’s about whether the horse will definitely not come to the finish line first;
  2. the animal to be in the top three – you can also gamble on a place in the top 4, top 6 and so on;
  3. “duel” or “who’s higher” – actually it’s choosing which of the two animals finishes first;
  4. “finish” – it’s a forecast that a horse will go the entire distance without a stall.

How to choose the event to bet on

Before gambling in a live mode, study the race map (it can be found in every bookmaker). The map contains data on the latest results of the participants, thus you will be able to assess the current form of the participants.

Also consider the following factors:

  • pay attention to what distances the animal usually runs;
  • look at the date of the previous event;
  • Sprinters need a break between starts. Therefore, it is desirable that the previous run for such a participant was a month ago or earlier.
  • keep an eye on the jockey’s weight. It must be minimal for the animal to be successful in the race;
  • study the pavement of the track;
    Some animals achieve different results depending on the type of surface.
  • don’t bet on every race in a row.
    This leads to poor analysis and a quick loss of your staking pot.

Which strategy can be applied for horse racing betting?

There are no win-win strategies, just like in other sports. But some systems are popular among players.
The most widespread and the most efficient one is staking against the favorite, which means against all participants whose success is rated below 2.00. The more participants will be in the event, the better. Also, poor track coverage can play into your hands, which increases the likelihood that the favorites will fall.

So what to do to win in bets on horse racing?

Just study diligently and keep your finger on the pulse. Gambling is always about probability, so try to please the fortune by making efforts.